Barn Cat Pictures

This year we had a female cat find her way into our barn to have her kittens. We were not even aware of her until the kittens were 4 or 6 weeks old. They are probably about 10 weeks to 12 weeks now. Anne Marie has taken on the responsibility of naming the cats. The mother cat she named Momma Cat. There were originally 4 kittens. Sabbath, Mystery, Milo and Nee-Chee. We have not seen Nee-Chee for a few weeks or more now, so we are pretty sure he did not survive. Milo had disappeared for a bit and then showed up having been almost killed by some other animal. He was pretty torn up so Susan and Anne Marie took him to the vet. It turned out his wounds were infected pretty badly and he was only a few hours away from meeting his maker. The Vet took on the responsibility for Milo (financial and otherwise) and after loading him up with antibiotics operated the next day. They are going to keep him in quarantine for the next 6 months so he will be living at the Vet clinic and they will find him a nice home. The last report that Susan and Anne Marie had showed him to be recuperating nicely. Momma Cat, Sabbath and Mystery have taken up residence in the barn for now and it turns out that Momma Cat is pregers again and due in about another month. This was discovered when she was taken in to be fixed. Shots and stuff are being taken care of as far as Momma Cat and Sabbath are concerned. Mystery has been unable to be caught and taken to the Vet as yet but in time I am sure that Anne Marie will win him over and tame him.

Here are some picture of the three cats that are left. One expectant mother and two kittens/cats.

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Mystery and Sabbath taking an evening drink together.

Sabbath out behind the barn laying on some old fencing.

Sabbath again and being held by Anne Marie.

Momma Cat out and about on the walk and near the ball garden.

Mystery on the left inside the barn and Momma Cat outside ready to go back inside.

Watch for more pictures as time and cats permit.