The New Pool House

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The outhouse finally bit the dust this year. Here is what we have replaced it with.


This is the site of the former Pool House after tearing it down and putting in a new clean stone foundation for the new Pool House. We did have to remove a bunch of lower limbs from the Polonia to be able to get the Pool House in place but the tree took the trimming well and actually looks better because of it.

We looked at a lot of sheds over the years and probably would have settled for one that looked more like a garden shed however fate took a hand and during our current search this little house presented itself. It is all cedar siding and it had been sitting on display for about 4 years weathering itself just for us. When we first saw it the door was off, some of the trim was broken and there were lots of wasp/hornet nests in the interior rafters. It was dirty inside but it looked perfect to us. The dealer fixed the door and the trim and delivered it after we completed the site work. It is 8' X 10' and fits like it was made just for this property.

The window does open by the way. It is on hinges and opens like a door and swings in towards the side wall of the building. We are now in the process of installing the electric on a panel on the back of the building and getting everything ready for the pool to operate. The two spots on the front door are just some mud from the move and washed off with a little water.

Susan has already filled the window box with color and we will be working to integrate it a bit better into the landscape in the future. More pictures will be posted then.