Picture of the ongoing construction of the new patio and walks.

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You are viewing construction after the first layer of modified stone has been put in place. Next will be a layer of clean #2 stone and finally concrete. After curing the concrete will be stained a color that is approximately the color of the stone of the house. It will be broom finished and have a soft look. The level of the patio will be raised almost flush to the kitchen and dining room doors eliminating the necessity to step UP into the house.

Standing in front of dining room looking to the barn and in front of the kitchen looking out toward the driveway.

Looking back across the front of the house you can see that the patio will now butt up against the basement entry as well as fill in the area underneath the kitchen windows.

This shows the new walk that will leave the patio and curve out toward the driveway as well as the replacement walk running out to the parking lot. The walk from the parking lot will slope upwards from the parking lot to the patio with no step. Almost a handicap ramp. The front walk will also slop up to meet the patio but will have one step up.

Here you can see the transition for both walks as well as the curve of the new front walk and the flare as it meets the driveway.

The stone wall has been removed from the front of the house and will be re-graded to bring a smooth transition from the new patio . There will be front steps added to the porch under the living room door. The walk in front of the living room door is also being replaced from where the patio ends out to the front steps by the highway.

Soil will be brought in to meet the top of the concrete so there will be no step down from the patio to the lawn. It will be graded in a gradual slope down from the patio but will not interfere with the cherry tree. Draw an imaginary line just under the door sills of the kitchen and dining room doors and that is where the new concrete will come to.