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Now that the wall is done and the concrete has cured for the required period the staining of the patio can begin. More
pictures will be added as that process is completed. Stay tuned.

The pictures below were taken on 8/8/2007 and inserted. The wall is now complete and we estimate that there
is about 5 or 6 tons of stone, concrete and slate involved total. We are extremely pleased with the result.

These pictures were taken on 7/11/2007 and inserted below. Jerry is working on the final stages of the wall.
He will be coming back later to put the Blue Stone (slate) top on the wall later. What a beautiful job.


The pictures of the WALL were taken 7/8/07 and inserted below.

The rest of the pictures were taken on:

7/4/07 (all concrete poured and useable) Susan and Tasha on the patio.

7/3/07 (pouring the walks)

7/2/07 (pouring the patio)